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As a contestant on the show, you must first ask the boys a question - then, depending on their answers, eliminate them one-by-one from the competition!

Special thanks to Creative Commons resources: Godline for the original idea and script, Konett for 5 sprites, other sprites by: Anne, fuicchi, doot, Melody L and Zylinder.

Otherwise, you’ll have to boycott every Warner Brothers film that comes out (That means no Batman for you.

:(( ) She’ll watch the latest trailer on her i Phone every 30 minutes and you’ll have to be there by her side to make sure she doesn’t convulse out of excitement. You should always remember that Cedric Diggory is not alive, nor does he, by any circumstance, sparkle.

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they are passionate and it can be magical dating a Harry Potter fangirl. But trust me, when I say never ever under any and all circumstances date a girl who’s into Harry Potter if you’re a guy who’s into Twilight.

Windows and Mac players should hear this automatically, but Linux players may need to install the 'espeak' command on their system before playing! Made in Ren' Py Windows users: Download folder. Inside, run Yum Yum Dating to play Mac Users: Download folder.

XD works smoothly on both platforms, and files are fully compatible.

Date a girl who isn’t into Harry Potter (HP) — trust me, your life would be easier.

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