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Inside the folder that has the server name, it has 2 folders - Player' and 'Region' and several other files like players.xml, power.dat, etc.This is where I got confused on what files I need to back up and what files the other players should be backing up, if any from the local roamoing folder...?Hopefully, someone sees my reply, as I have a couple questions about the save files.I am currently running a private server for 7 Days for myself and a few friends.As far as the local saves folder, which is of course on my C drive - this is where I get confused.In C:\Users\xxxxx\App Data\RoamingDays To Die I have a 'Saves' folder, a 'Saves Local' folder, a file, and a file.My other question is, what data does the server files save as compared to the data that is saved in the local appdata/roaming/7days folder?

You now have limited opportunities to change your health plan.Keep in mind that i OS 13 is still in beta and features can and will ultimately change before the final release this fall.We'll update this post with the most current information we have.Or does it save info for the game that is in the server files as well?And should we all be backing up the raoming save files so we don't loose any progress? The server doesn't even need STEAM running, so it'll never update unless you take direct action to do so.

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The app has been rapidly evolving over the past few years, releasing a flurry of changes to improve the platform.

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