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Jo begins to lose consciousness of her surroundings as the screen goes black.Her husband dies in a freak auto accident and she is set free.Owen Wilson, meanwhile - more eulogy than actor these days - is in a sofa advert, saying, "People are usually happiest at home" with such forced cheer he seems unlikely to be happy anywhere.What's more, the sofa is awful: a sort of dried up Minke whale carcass people used to have sex on in the 1970s.When she turned sixteen, she started living in her car. Jo and Alex finally are together, only for Alex's Dad to come back into his life via the ER and drive a wedge between them.She completed her undergraduate degree at Princeton University and graduated top of her class with an M. However Jo doesn't give up and continues to fight for Alex and his Dad to reconcile.She learns the risks that he might find her but continues with it, wanting a life with Alex.

There comes a moment in every career when money is so tight you have to do something you hate.

He is distraught that she will not marry him and gets into an argument with her. Jo begins to hang out with De Luca, ultimately getting drunk, leaving him to take care of her.

Alex is getting Owen ready for his wedding when he realizes that he wanted to fight for her. De Luca arrives at Jo's and Alex's home, trying to get Jo into bed.

He is one of the first people she tells that she did not marry Alex because she is still married to her abusive husband. He finds out that Jo is actually afraid of Alex, after seeing how he treated De Luca which reminded her of her husband.

In the end of the season, Stephanie leaves, leaving Jo without her 'person'. Ben tells Alex this and this prompts Alex to tell Jo that he found her husband. Jo realizes that he is not violent as he once was and asks him to come home and they reconcile.

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