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The 1970s relic depicts six children in a happy blended family, who somehow share a single bathroom (one that's mysteriously lacking a toilet) and don't even get into a single fist fight.

The worst thing that happens on the series is Marcia breaking her perfect nose when her step-brother accidentally hits her in the face with a football.

Meanwhile, our childhood selves reenacted scenes from the WWE with our siblings over whose turn it was on the Play Station.

had some issues — especially the actress who played Jan's seemingly perfect older sister Marcia.

Thankfully, the actress ended up recovering from bulimia: "Being able to quit drugs and finding belief in a higher power gave me the tools to end the bulimia." 's very own Greg — admitted that the following infamous snafu wasn't intentional.

They had two sets of children ready for their close up: a group of dark-haired boys and blonde girls and a group of blonde boys and dark-haired girls.

None of us ever talked about it because we didn't think it was a big deal." However, the cast fully supported Reed, even if he wasn't aware of it.

Years after his 1992 death of a cancer battle which was hastened by HIV, Olsen took to Facebook to open up about her belief that "being gay killed" the on-screen father she was "blessed" to have (via ).

Anyone who's ever become a bottle blonde knows that bleaching can be .

Not only can it melt off swaths of your hair, it's also crazy itchy — and that's not even counting the potential chemical burns.

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Nonetheless, producers allegedly bleached Olsen's hair so much that by the second season it was "falling out in clumps," according to Florence Henderson first discovered his sexuality while they were rehearsing a kiss scene for the pilot.

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