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As soon as Reid is out of ear shot, Paul turns to the camera crew and asks, "Was she a famous actress or something? We see a new singer with their unique voice and skills and gaining a huge number of fans every day.Mc Donald first married Nikki Reed on 16th October 2011.The pair first met at the red carpet of Red Riding Hood in March 2011. After dating for three months, Paul and his ex-girlfriend announced their engagement.Paul was born on 29th August 1984 in Auburn, Alabama, United States of America, where another singer Jordyn Taylor was also born.

He has numerous hits and collaborations, which adds up to his current wealth.

Furthermore, there are no rumors or controversies of the couple that leads to their break-up.

Talented singer and song-writer earn decent money from his musical career.

Talking about his parents, Paul's father is a clinical psychologist, and his mother serves as a teacher for occupational therapy at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. During the time he also played wide receiver on the varsity football team.

Mc Donald spent most of his childhood in Huntsville, Alabama. Additionally, Paul portrayed in the school's play titled The Wizard of Oz.

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