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It makes me sick to hear about the great "love" Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love had for each other.I wouldn't call what was between them "love." It was co-dependence.

drugs were a big deal for the people he was around. druggies at high levels of addiction tend to hang with druggies, it's just easier.17 ROCK STARS FROM MILITARY FAMILIES - Agents of Jew World Order CIA WEAPONIZED MUSIC AND DRUG CULTURE TO DESTROY THE MINDS TO CREATE NEW DARK AGE MOST OF THESE MKULTRA MIND CONTROLLED PEOPLE GREW UP ON...Gus met Stipe for the first time through River, who brought him on the set of MOPI. Also, that Stipe and Phoenix were much closer than many realize.r5, yet another White Saviour film? Also worth noting that Cobain had stopped using drugs before he met Courtney.This was also the movie he allegedly got hooked on drugs in. We hear news this week that Prince's meds were mislabeled and his last Tweet was "Just when you thought you were safe" and he died in an elevator, after having a long fear of them and associating them with The Devil. Cobain's lawyer has now disclosed that Cobain was about to divorce Courtney. It was Courtney who got him hooked on drugs again so she could manipulate him. R18 I think it was the typical pull between an Exec wanting a band to stay more commercial, with the artists wanting to go in a different direction.Courtney Love is recording "Live Through This" in Stipe's hometown, Athens, while River is dying in LA. The mentality of people who always need to look for nefarious, secret plots behind things is so bizarre to me."Live Through This" is released one week after the death of Kurt Cobain. R17 I'm not that person (and I'm not saying they're wrong, either -- I don't know enough about those threads) but I am one of the people who think some shady things happened on the evening of River's death.

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  1. Similarly, Acts also contains information which would be rather anachronistic if the account was written much later than A. For example, if we were certain that the author wrote during a time when the early church was experiencing great persecution, we could be more likely to pick up on portions of the text that aim to encourage Christians enduring such persecution.

  2. Punk's first venture into wrestling was a stint in a backyard wrestling federation called the Lunatic Wrestling Federation with his friends and brother Mike Brooks in the mid-late 1990s.