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Many personal style bloggers enlist their boyfriends or husbands to be their photographers.

But unlike when, say, Richard Avedon used Audrey Hepburn as his muse, some of these guys aren’t an equal part of the collaboration — a few are even anonymous.

His blog, called "hysterically camp" by the Sydney Morning Herald, is known for its "witty and often bitchy commentary." He has been featured on the panel of Cycle 19 America's Next Top Model, Season 19 as the social media correspondent.

Bryanboy fans often send in photos of themselves in his signature pose—standing with hips thrust to one side and a handbag in an outstretched arm—or with handwritten signs declaring "I No.

Sometimes, there’s a dog in the picture, or a coffee cup from an indie purveyor.

What you won’t see is the guy — and it’s usually a guy — taking the photos.

Fashion blogger Bryanboy has posted a photo to Instagram that translates a conversation Miroslava had while standing in front of a crowd at a 2012 event after being asked how she feels about men in the industry dressing in feminine or women's clothing.

If you want a cooler photo, let’s take it away from the wall.’” Sokol, who’s an electrical test engineer in San Diego, had never been interested in photography before volunteering to take Neely’s pictures. “You can be vulnerable when someone else is taking your picture, but not with your boyfriend.” There are ways in which it makes sense for your photographer to be the person you’re around the most.“You’ll see these poor men during Fashion Week,” says Bryan Yambao of the blog Bryanboy. It’s always the girls towering in sky-high heels and the little guy with the two camera bags taking her picture in the street.They’re like little puppies following the girls’ every whim.” At a recent party in Florence, Yambao chastised his fellow bloggers for continuing to pose for their dates when he thought they should have been on the dance floor. “’Just get drunk and have fun.’ I feel like these girls have turned into robots with no souls, and the only thing they care about is creating content at the expense of their personal relationships.” Yambao, however, admits he has had puppy-dog photographer-boyfriends of his own. “He said, ‘Everything I do is all about you,’” Yambao says. It’s really tough to mix your personal relationship with this blogging business.” In these pairings, Yambao says, the blogger always has the power.He just happened to meet Alex Pettyfer and being the thirst nugget he is, Bryanboy asked to sit on his lap. Although Alex's a douche (pun intended) anyways, so him and Bryanboy would deserve each other.

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