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And it sounds weird, but in this way, the show circumvents the superficial not by saying it doesn’t matter, but by acknowledging that it does, and addressing it.Unlike other dating shows, almost all of the power is given to the women (though the male contestant can make the final choice, he can also be rejected by the woman he chooses, making for some pretty awkward telly).What happened to developing connections, irrespective of getting anything more from them?Granted, my situation is also different to most early thirty-something singles, in that I already have the biological clock thing sorted: two under three and the eye bags to show for it.The dating scientists at e Harmony have just released their 2016 Relationship Study, revealing that singles are dating more than six people at a time on average, thanks to swipe apps like Tinder and Bumble.Personally, this comes as no surprise, because I am that stat in walking- talking-thirty-something form.Turns out, this particular type of ‘drive-thru’ dating is leading to a whole lot of other ‘undesirable’ real-life behaviour; 65% of folks are dating multiple people, 57 per cent are ‘ghosting’ (ceasing all contact with someone in the hopes that they ‘get the hint’, so to speak) and 34 per cent are stringing along people they aren’t interested in. I was stood up for the first time in my dating history last week with zero explanation.

It takes a lot of chutzpah to get up in front of 50 million people and perform your secret talent (particularly when that talent is whistling or rapping - both of which have made appearances).But I differ in that I’m not looking for ‘the one’.Like 74 per cent of daters, I’m more than happy looking for ‘the many’.“And this bad behaviour can lead to a deeper effect than just a disrupted schedule, with the biggest blow being to the victim’s self-esteem.” Violet recently found herself in a bit of a pickle at the pub after too many drinks. Tragically, almost half (43 per cent) of people admit to having a negative attitude towards dating from their experiences in the past year.One minute, she was suggesting Date 1 come and join her for a drink, only to completely forget this the next minute, and ask Date 2 to collect her and drive her home. 10 per cent of these people have even given up on dating altogether.

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