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Hadn't reached the age back then to be interested in books of 500 pages. Also Whoever uploaded to Putlocker Lightened the Video so it's not as dark.

Now I do, and I finally realized what it was about. I would recommend watching that link if you wanna see a decent copy. It's a CAM and It's pretty good, I'd say VHS, Not great ,but good, watchable.

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Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, Jack Quaid, Taylor St.This person has to get the movie illegally than upload it on this website wich probably takes forever Rate it .. Then gets hundreds of complaints Has to read them and try and fix the problem which mind u there's Hundreds of movies with hundreds of complaints on them .. I mean how many drawn out crying scenes can ya really take? Just be happy that this is not a rigged website for ducks sake Stop complaining and just watch another one if a movie isn't working I'm deaf and I don't happy in sometime because movie in subtitles in don't good movie at there so I want new movie in subtitles and I really want watch Hunger Games 2 in subtitle so that not fair to me. Shorten the next one, go with less over-dramatics, and add more action. Okay people at the end katniss destroyed the arena and got rescue by haymitch , Plutarch and district 13 sadly peeta get captured by the capitol .katniss gets mad at haymitch and wants to kill him.Personally I think it's always better to read the books first before watching the film of it.

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