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So, although Marla Maples was once married to Donald Trump, it started out as a sin.

But that is in the past and today, the Marla Maples fitness regimen has put her back in the spotlight. Her diet emphasizes plant-based foods and eschews dairy, but it does allow for the occasional serving of meat.

About 3 percent of older adults are deficient in vitamin B12, according to American Family Physician.Soymilk is often fortified with vitamin B12, but check the nutrition label to be sure.Being dehydrated is a common cause of nausea and dizziness, notes Mayo Clinic, and vegetarians are just as much at risk for dehydration as meat eaters.If your dizziness is caused by low vitamin D, it should resolve after you get levels back up to a normal range.To avoid vitamin D deficiency, add dairy foods, egg yolks, or vitamin-D enriched orange juice, soy milk, or almond milk to your vegetarian meal plan.

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