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They face high risks of being overweight with chronic health conditions moving into adulthood.

They need to be encouraged to make wise choices about food and healthy eating.

An extrinsic reward is something external and tangible given for an accomplishment.

The intrinsic reward of satisfaction is worth far more than any extrinsic reward.

Teach them how to make polite conversation using an appropriate volume, not to talk with their mouths full, how to use a napkin, and how to clean off their spot at the table when they are finished.Only a few elementary classrooms are equipped with their own sink, water fountain, and toilet.You need to plan ahead of time for your students to meet their handwashing, hydration, and bathroom needs during the school day. The amount of water that elementary-aged children need each day varies from 1 to 3 liters.Fortunately, effective and healthy ways exist to encourage positive behavior while setting an appropriate example of wellness.The following are ways to incentivize students for behavior, effort, and accomplishments that support health and wellness and foster connectedness in the classroom and school.

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Recognition Each day at lunchtime you have a wonderful opportunity to reinforce healthy habits with your students. Next, read the menu or have a student read the menu. Encourage your students to eat or sample their fruits and vegetables.

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