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While I think that you should eventually learn more than one programming language, I would advise against doing it upfront because it will just lead to confusion, and it will divert your energies from many of the other technical skills you are going to need to learn.

Instead, I’d advise you to go deep and focus on learning the ins and outs of a single programming language, so you can feel really confident in your ability to write code in that language.

Five Data Management Skills that are important for successfully managing and using information. The ability to use data effectively to improve your programs, including looking at lists and summaries, looking for patterns, analyzing results, and making presentations to others.

Includes familiarity with the data available to you; knowledge of the goals of your program; understanding the needs of your clients/audiences; and willingness to explore creative approaches to using data. Knowing how to use database software to find records, sort, review, edit, print, and other functions.

Now, this is a topic that tends to overwhelm many beginning software developers because it can feel like there is so much to know, and it can be difficult to even know where to start.

I’m going to try and break it down here into what the most essential and beneficial technical skills are that are going to benefit you the most in your quest to become a software developer.

Instead, let’s talk about why I’d suggest starting with just one programming language and not trying to learn everything there is under the sun.

Knowing how to copy, move, upload or download files and photos; understanding how to use email to send attachments. Understanding database design concepts, including "relational database design" concepts (table structure; one-to-many relationships).

In software development, we are always trying to manage complexity.

Thinking in terms of objects helps us do that because it allows us to define and design a complicated system out of a bunch of interacting components, rather than trying to tackle the entire complexity as a whole.

Structuring your code is really the art part of software development, but it’s also critical because you and your co-workers who have to work with your code will spend considerably more time maintaining existing code rather than writing new code.

I’m not going to go into how to properly structure your code in this book since—like I said—I’ve already provided you with an excellent resource, but you should strive to learn how to write good, clean code from the beginning rather than learn this skill afterwards.

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