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Developers often need to parse an XML document in order to get XML document nodes, child nodes and so on.

Here’s how the output of the above code looks like: Notice that attribute names and values are missing.

During a boring work meeting this week, I realized that I'm a Code Monkey, not a Data Architect.

This idea struck me when it was revealed that a portion of a system's daily input would be coming in the form of an Excel file, and it was my job to update the database.

The final part of the puzzle is the LINQ to SQL, the database insert.

In this example, the database name is States List, and it's necessary to create a new instance, set the values, and submit. Listing C Information is essentially arriving at our doorsteps in a number of formats and, rather than create an application for each format, I find that sometimes it's faster to code a quick and dirty solution.

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