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He also appears to have two normal hands instead of one hand wielding his hypnosis ability.Speed: 4/7 Acceleration: 4/7 Turning: 4/7 Difficulty: Intermediate Speed: 8/10 Acceleration: 5/10 Turning: 10/10 Difficulty: Beginner N. Trance was originally going to appear in Crash Twinsanity with a slight cosmetic change.

He is the self-proclaimed "Master of Hypnotism," and has the ability to hypnotize people with his claw hand which resembles a stopwatch.The long legs attached to his powered exoskeleton are highly extendable, allowing him to jump out of his foes' reach and stomp on them from above with the immense, crushing weight of his mechanical body.He has often brainwashed Crash's friends and enemies to aid a greater evil.He then swore a blood oath: he would ever after be a fighting force unto himself.Now he roams the world as the Troll Warlord, bitter and angry, the Imperial high commander of an army of one.

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His name is based on the verb "entrance," meaning "to put into a trance." N. His boss fight is the fourth boss fight in the game and requires all 21 crystals to enter.

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