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This article describes how to produce sorted lists and uses a simple application to demonstrate concepts.

You can download all the demo source code using the link at the end of this article.

want add element jlist second tab, add successful nut when swith first tab contains jlist elements added not therethe element jlist contains elements added begining.

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To make this happen, we have to add the list to a scrollpane instead of adding it directly: Let us now run the program and select multiple items.If you enter unsorted data -- for example, the letters B, C, and A -- the model provides it to list components without sorting it to either ascending order -- A, B, C -- or to descending order -- C, B, A.Lists are appropriate UI components for many applications, but an unsorted list has limited usefulness.Version 6 of the Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE, formerly referred to as J2SE) will add sorting and filtering abilities to the object so that it can pass some method calls through to it.Because the project requirements include the ability to produce ascending, descending, or unordered sorts, the class constructor needs additional parameters.

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Although I developed the demo source as a Net Beans IDE 5.0 project, the demo's ANT script does not require that you use that IDE to compile or execute the application.

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