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The awaited 1.0.0 version has a number of backend improvements, in particular the use of for some of the form interactions which enable some complex search form behaviours.This should iron out some of the more rare UI issues when using a search form as complex as Zenbu. Other fields may see additional options and improved search interfaces as well.Need support for a specific fieldtype but the original developer won’t do it (or won’t do it soon)?I’m open to contract work to add third-party field support for you. If you have an old license of Zenbu, enter it as a coupon code on checkout and get 50% off your purchase of Zenbu for EE4.Here’s a simple example: the ID column displays the entry ID, but if you set the A handful of updates have been been released for Zenbu and Hokoku addons.EE2 users will be happy to hear the EE2 versions of these addons have also received some updates, and a copy is available within the EE3 version of the addon.

Similar fixes as the above have been made available for Zenbu 2.1.2.

Hokoku 2 has this resolved from release but now this is also resolved in Hokoku 1.

Hokoku 1.3.1 now also contains additional export options for the It was time to promote Zenbu for Craft to the 1.x branch, and it totally deserves it.

A lot of work has been put into what is one of the more complex addons in the Expression Engine world.

Thank you for your patience while getting this ready, I know the wait hasn’t been easy.

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This is a nearly complete rewrite of the addon, the previous versions having accumulated much baggage that needed to be dropped. WYSIWYGs, fields containing strings of text, numbers, etc).

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