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The second 4.2 method is very quick, but is not a complete upgrade to 4.2 and is not recommended unless you are on 4.0 or 4.1.It will not upgrade the IOSes for your games and they may still ask to upgrade, but those updates should be safe as long as the games are from your region.3) In the new IOSs menu, go to one of the stub IOSs that is installed (you can see that on the right under "currently installed', as it will show "(STUB)" then).

For more information about upgrading, see the Upgrade FAQ.

We expected to see a firmware update bundled with Super Mario Galaxy 2, but found no such thing — however, a few weeks later, we have ourselves a brand new 4.3 update. every update in the past 2 years, except for the 4.0 update (which actually added some features).

As usual, Nintendo describes the update as: June 21, 2010 Wii Menu 4.3 Unauthorized Modifications Because unauthorized channels or firmware may impair game play or the Wii console, updating to Wii Menu version 4.3 will check for and automatically remove such unauthorized files. The only thing that will drive people to install this update will be the broken Shopping channel and hypothetical future games which will come with this update on disc.

The third 4.2 method is the most complete without having to reinstall other things, but may require several tries (and a lot of time) to work.

The 4.3 method is the easiest method and most recommended.

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"Dop"-ing the IOS that your system menu uses will allow you to load custom channels that have been moved to the SD menu (on 4.0 3) After selecting your IOS, press to install it. This is an easy and effective way to make sure your Shop and Photo channels are up-to-date and install the Internet Channel, as well as replace missing News, Weather, and/or Mii channels.

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