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Nobody who loves another person would ever treat them the way he treats you.

And it's nothing to do with their 'issues' and you cannot fix them.

He refuses to give me flowers or take me to a museum.

Our sex was good (I've got a high sex drive), but for the last 4 months he doesn't want to be intimate.

We met online and fell in love before whilst we chatted over the phone before we met in person.

I posted on here a few months ago but sadly had to ask Mumsnet to delete the thread because my partner saw some of the stuff I wrote (I was texting in bed and thought he was sound asleep). I am deeply in love with my partner of nearly two years.

Last year I caught him on swinger websites/dating apps last year (he claims he just wants a threesome, which I refuse) and he suggested he should see a counsellor - which he hasn't plus drink less - which he also hasn't.

His porn habit seems too much, and I've seen naked photos of him (see his apparent low self-esteem below). He's not romantic in the slightest and doesn't do any sweet gestures.

If Vincent Price is the host of the dinner party, leave. Apparently me wanting to hear these things is selfish.He says he still loves me with all his heart, and he doesn't deserve someone who pours their love onto him, but I can't help but feel so hurt. The problem is I am so in love with him - I think I like being able to nurture a lost soul - that the thought of splitting up seems so tragic. He says he still loves me with all his heart No he doesn't. He has very serious issues and it sounds very much like your in a co dependant relationship.They eloped when they were both 18, but their parents forced them to annul their marriage."We watched [ Despite her parents' initial disapproval, she and Topper were determined. However, their love didn't stand the test of time, and they eventually divorced.

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