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hideaway while you waste your life on Twitter and Instagram — I have some bad news. Raya first appeared several years ago as a dating app aimed at people in creative industries.

Maybe you are one of the more than 100,000 people on the waiting list?

He has kept the company small — Raya has just 13 full-time employees — and has raised only a few small investment rounds. The company recently acquired Chime, a video messaging app started by Jared Morgenstern, an early Facebook employee who is now Raya’s chief operating officer.

It introduced a real-time map feature that allows users to opt in to sharing their locations with other members.

She said: “I walked out of my job, packed as much of my stuff as I could in my Mustang and left for Michigan.“35 years into my life’s story I will begin to live for the first time.

Its website contains no mention of investors, founders or staff members, and the company has never spoken about its origins. Last month, after pushing Raya for answers, I received a text from a man who said he wanted to meet in Los Angeles, and out himself as the company’s founder.One member posted a picture of the horizon from the top of Kilimanjaro, the caption reading: “Nice straight horizon that one.”They also discuss other unconventional beliefs, including that Disney, Harry Potter and Transformers are evil, that partaking in Hallowe’en is wrong and even that meat has healing powers.“I am a meat eater 100 percent and if any woman wishes to get to know me, she must be a carnivore as well.“I have studied human anatomy and digestion and know that meat heals and it necessary.“Have a great day on this level plane earth.LOS ANGELES — If you’ve felt a lingering disturbance in the internet’s social order — a vague and unsettling sense that there is a raging party happening just out of view, that all the people cooler, richer and better looking than you are blowing off steam together in some V. It has expanded into an invitation-only social network populated by movie stars, fashion designers, pro athletes, tech executives and too many Instagram models to count.One male member said: “First of all she has to know the earth is flat.So 90 percent of all females on Earth are out already.“When I meet someone, I usually start by checking if they are aware of chemtrails.“If they are not (most aren’t) then there’s no way I can come up with the shape of the Earth.”Another member replied: “I had a guy I was talking to for almost a month walk out of my house laughing at me when I told him the Earth is flat.”However, the dating group has worked for at least one lucky couple - the founder of the group and his flat-earth girlfriend, who is moving state to be nearer her new partner.

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