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I only recently joined up, got chatting to this guy, 6 years older than me, cardiac nurse, not Johnny Depp hot but pretty damn cute.So we arranged a date, I get there, don't spot him, then he approaches me.

He had completely changed, and if I'm honest he had serious ishoos which would have made me run away hot or not...

Not saying that all blokes you meet online will be like that but it certainly put me off ever dating online again.

It's too dodgy as people can make themselves out to be whatever they want to be.

I just don't understand why he wasted both of our time? I met my ex on POF..turned out to be a complete nutcase who freaked out on me after 9 months and left, subsequently stalking me and making my life absolute hell for a long time afterwards.

He seemed pretty normal when I first met him and we got on really well at first.

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