Top ten rules for dating

Every type of dating has its own set of rules that you simply need to follow in order to have a successful relationship with someone.

The case is no different when it comes to dating bodybuilders.

Once you accept the fact that your man is completely obsessed with this interesting profession, next step for you is to get invested and show some interest in the sport.

It’s a rather small step for you, but it will definitely mean a great deal to your significant other, trust us.

Setting up an ultimatum is probably the worst thing you could possibly do in a relationship like this.

Instead of forcing your man to run every day, take him to your bedroom and give him the best cardio training of his life.

You don’t have to be an athletic fanatic per se, but working out with your beefed up boyfriend every once in a while will definitely keep the fire going!

Try going on a morning jog with him and visit him at gym from time to time, it will mean the world to him and he’ll know how to appreciate it.

It doesn’t matter how jacked your man is, he’ll need your support every step of the way in order to achieve his goals.

So, don’t question his decisions and don’t doubt him.

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Just like other athletes, bodybuilders also have unique and well-established routines and small “rituals” that have to be done during the day.

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