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The powerful TV miniseries adaptation of Tony Kushner heralded award-winning Broadway play Engel in Amerika (2003), directed by Mike Nichols, earned the actress supporting performance Golden Globe and Emmy awards. She also earned a Tony nomination for the Broadway show, "Reckless", a year later but truly turned heads and wowed audiences the year after that in the highly acclaimed 7-season Showtime series Weeds - Kleine Deals unter Nachbarn (2005), earning another Golden Globe and several Emmy nominations for her amazing performance as Nancy Botwin, a relatively naïve suburban housewife and mother who courts serious trouble with the law and drug cartels when she turns into a neighborhood drug dealer for sustenance after her husband dies suddenly. would swoon over them, so its no surprise the Texas native jumped on board too.She eventually got off that train to focus on being a housewife.First of all, that was two years ago, I think—2003. I don’t think people in France understand how big the show is in the States.Her marquee name still does not command what it should, but a picture or production with Mary-Louise Parker in it usually guarantees a strong critical reception.

Films and TV quickly followed and she quickly gained attention. For the film The Best Thief in the World (2004), originally Eric Stoltz was offered the role of her husband, but Mary-Louise Parker wanted someone older so asked the producers to hire the actor David Warshofsky. [on Demián Bichir in Weeds - Kleine Deals unter Nachbarn (2005)] I might use a word that sounds pretentious, but his performance was almost holy.

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They went their separate ways in 2003, amid major controversy (she was pregnant at the time).

Mary Louise continues to divide her time equally and skillfully on TV, film and the stage.

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