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There are usually many couples attending a party, and the energy may be infectious prompting couples to experiment further than they had discussed.

On the other hand, the large number of people at a party may be intimidating, preventing first-timers from experimenting or even participating at all.

Perhaps they didn’t find another couple that seems suited to them or the environment is not in their comfort level.

Whatever the reason, you will not be frowned upon for choosing not to participate.

Swingers parties are common in the Central Okanagan, according to Austin, but they are mostly a well-kept secret.

Austin wants to bring the lifestyle more into the open, which is why she is advertising her pop-up party plans.

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Sometimes couples attend an event where they do not participate for many reasons.In fact, there are private rooms for couples to enjoy and an area where sex will not be permitted. Condoms will be provided, and all participants must sign waivers and pay a entry fee.“There is a private room if you are shy,” Austin said. I want to host the parties because I was looking for a place where you can have sex instead of at home. Something to cheer yourself up with your partner or whatever. Wild Kingdom has also donated a door prize to be given away to someone in attendance.At the start of your explorations, you may also want to attend a more intimate event in which you and your partner interact with only one other couple such as entertaining at someone’s house.Attending these two types of events will give you both a better idea of what your comfort level is.

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