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He is currently incarcerated at Folsom State Prison with a scheduled release date of May 2022.

That could be sooner with good time credit, or later, if he was to be found guilty of behavioral problems while incarcerated.

Skarlatos stated that "I was thinking about survival," and "[i]t was to survive and for everybody else on the train to make it." Stone was transferred to the central hospital in Lille, France and underwent treatment in Germany, returning home September 3, 2015. European Command in Stuttgart, added his voice, calling the three Americans heroes for their actions which "clearly illustrate the courage and commitment our young men and women have all the time, whether they are on duty or on leave." Tran then circled behind Stone and stabbed him multiple times in the back with a concealed knife.

After the event, Stone, Skarlatos and Sadler received international attention for their actions in preventing the attack. After the stabbing, Tran and his group fled the scene in a vehicle and Stone's companions and bystanders summoned emergency services.

It's extremely cinematic, and there's a lot of interest in the movie." In the acknowledgements, Stone stated that he "give[s] all the credit to God" and made further acknowledgement of his family, friends, the United States Air Force, the citizens of Sacramento and the United States Armed Forces.

In July 2017, it was announced that Clint Eastwood would direct the upcoming biographical film titled after Stone, Skarlatos and Sadler's memoir, starring them, along with actresses Jenna Fischer and Judy Greer. On August 21, 2015, Stone and his childhood friends Alek Skarlatos and Anthony Sadler, were traveling together during a sightseeing vacation in Europe when they boarded Thalys train 9364 from Amsterdam bound for Paris via Brussels.

Everett, an older brother, is posted in California Highway Patrolman in Redwood City, California. Growing up in Carmichael, California, Stone met his now-best friends Alek Skarlatos and Anthony Sadler while attending the small K-12 Freedom Christian School in Fair Oaks, California, continuing their friendship into adulthood.A gang involvement charge in California provides for additional penalties if the defendant is found guilty.Judge Goodman ordered another hearing to be held on March 30, 2016, to determine whether or not prosecutors had enough evidence to proceed with the charges against Tran. On May 12, 2017, he was sentenced to nine years in state prison.He suffered life-threatening injuries and was rushed to UC Davis Medical Center, and was released from the hospital on October 15.He was promoted to senior airman in late October and then staff sergeant in November 2015.

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Tran made his first appearance in Sacramento County Superior Court on November 6, 2015, charged of the attempted murder of Stone with an allegation of using a dangerous weapon, the knife.

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