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A charming valley town, 90 minutes northwest of Los Angeles, Ojai is a center for the arts, culture, spirituality, self-improvement, and environmental consciousness.(It even has a vegetarian boarding school.)From the 50s to the 70s, Ojai was a hub of the Boho (or Bohemian) craft movement that rejected social traditions in favor of more unconventional artistic, literary, and spiritual pursuits.

Sulfur springs flow through Paso Robles, three of which are open to the public — a nice way to cap off the day with a soak in the warm soothing mineral waters.

It’s a playground with two million acres of mountains, streams, and rivers with altitudes ranging from sea level to almost 9,000 feet.

For those whose gaze tends more inward, Ojai is the valley of self-improvement and wellness.

Blending contemporary farmhouse and vintage styles, the Summer Wood Inn’s four luxury bedrooms overlook the property’s gardens where guests can enjoy a farm-fresh, cooked-to-order breakfast outdoors.

Then in the afternoon, indulge in appetizers paired with Summer Wood wines.

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At the Meditation Mount, visitors are invited to mindfully wander the International Garden of Peace where six Universal Principals are engraved on boulders to encourage Creative Mediation, a “Group Meditation in Service to Humanity” — a method of building personal spiritualism that ultimately serves the greater good.

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