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It’s like they’ve never heard of the internet and it’s issues of pictures not being able to be read/identified by computers. They’ve either broken, crippled or removed features I relied on and added nothing I wanted or needed. I have some older installer, but it says, you must download the newest version. I hope this massive disappointment will ruin the “developer’s” business! Everybody beefs but few have the gumption to hit back with a lawsuit. I then bought a new all-in-one HP disaster of a computer that swallows up disks and Best Buy doesn’t know how to open the computer to retrieve the disk.For Win7, at least, you can revert to classic Skype with this link: https:// . Then you can uninstall Microsoft’s new abomination, Skype 8, from the control panel. The new user interface is ugly, cluttered, difficult to use and very unhelpful. The world is being DUMBED DOWN and brought to the standards of… Microsoft has done it again, making Skype (which was the best) the worst possible internet communication device existing on the planet. The damn thing won’t let you even sign in unless you do the updates every single time. Thousands had their hard drives crashed by switching to Windows 10 but just a handful in Illinois launched a class action suit. As always in the past, I assumed all the software that came with the machine was a purchase but now, a year later, I discover that Word is now on lease with annual payment due to MS.Unfortunately, Skype users liked the app because it offered a sophisticated chat experience – they weren’t looking for a clone of Snapchat.While there’s a Microsoft Skype for Business app available, it’s part of Microsoft Office 365 and will cost extra to download.In other words, everyday consumers might just be stuck with this unwanted update.Of course, the Skype team think that the latest update is everything it should be and more, stating that they consider the app to be the greatest version they’ve ever built, designed to make communication simpler for everyone.

Thanks to MS I am wasting time when calling clients and prospects. For a corporate business environment at the very least there should be some way to open up, and make use of the under lying functions. Thank God, God does not change the parameters of the SUN everyday when it rises, update it, and require us to get new body parts in order to be able to see and feel the sun, and benefit from it for vision, life, warmth, etc.So how much longer can I use the version of Skype I have, ie. I deleted my Skype account today, it’s become utterly useless. I am unable to access all settings in one sub menu. I cannot see contact list and conversation thread at the same time.I ‘used’ to use it to stay in touch with my wife, 2,000 miles away, messages and video calls, but now I can’t even get into it as from today, change passwords, sign in with this and that…off, it used to sign me in automatically…and as for that crappy new interface… They have an excuse to completely screw everyone over. I AM UNABLE TO DO SPLIT SCREEN MESSAGING WITH AND OR OF MULTIPLE PARTIES CONTACTS AT THE SAME TIME. Seriously how do you call taking away multiple major functions an upgrade?Many users are complaining that the features they relied on have now gone missing, in exchange for an option to change the colour of your chat boxes or choose a new “theme” for the app.To make way for these, let’s face it – pretty pointless – changes, Skype has removed a range of key elements, such as the ability to clearly see who’s online, and who isn’t.

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Many can’t find the contacts gathered from in and out of country over many years – families, friends and other people with whom one passed pleasant time behind the webcam and mike – Many Skype subscribers have even lost their money. Personally, I have not found a way to regain my contacts, and I will not be part of the “replacement” “skype”, which I unfortunately signed up to, not suspecting it was a trap.

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