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James joined up for all the reasons Corbett mentioned: he is frequently on the road and his office is some way from home, making socialising with colleagues difficult.

In any case, he says, dating someone from work would indeed be "frowned upon".

"You have to have your own residence, because if you're 30 and still living at home you're not our kind of member.

"For ladies, there's a maximum dress size of 16 because over that you're throwing your money away. You can be earning £300,000 selling knickers on a market stall and we'll have no use for you." He is being realistic, he says, rather than chauvinistic.

"There is a slightly different atmosphere on an agency date to other ones," says James. "All that stuff you go through to find out if you're compatible takes weeks ordinarily, but with an agency you know what newspaper they read and what their parents do right at the start.

In a bar it's all about whether you fancy them or not, which is much more superficial." Yet there persists the sense that there is something unrealistic, if not distasteful, about trying to distil one's personality into a dating agency form.

After being single for 18 months, she joined an agency.

"People aren't going to come up to you in the supermarket and say, 'You look like a nice lady.' And I didn't want to go to evening classes or..." there is a withering pause "learn ballroom dancing." "These are highly successful people who aren't lonely but are extremely isolated," says Kate Corbett, director of Club Sirius and a former economist at the World Bank.

I've told their friends they met in the pub, even though they live 70 miles apart.How many people, if they wrote down their partner's vital statistics on a piece of paper, would pick them out as the person they were meant for?"We don't take gentlemen under 5ft 6in, because the rejection rate is very high," says Jenkins."I've never met a man who told any of his friends he was joining," says Michelle Bartleet, a 29-year-old recruitment manager from Manchester who joined Club Sirius last year after deciding that it was a lot more reliable than waiting to meet someone in a bar."A lot of people said to me, 'They'll all be really sad and ugly.' I thought, well, I'm not sad and ugly, so why should they be?

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He expects the figure to double over the next five years, due to the corrosive effects of long working hours.

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