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Children with disabilities often need special education requirements so it is necessary to pay the extra premium in order to ensure that your child gets the best shot at life possible despite his or her ailment. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) program has been described as an effective agenda for addressing the needs of the disabled population in the country, and it is certainly a resource that single parents with disabled children can turn to if they are looking for some help in coping with their situation.This program works by the government providing money to educational institutions to ensure that those institutions will be able to cater to the various needs of children with disabilities who would like to study there.If you want to know more about this organization, the web is a good place to start your search.The organizations’ FAQ page, a useful place to start your search, can be found at and provides you with most of the basic information you will need.It is also something that is possible to achieve, no matter how despondent or despairing you feel. There are a number of governmental programs and schemes that you and your children may be able to benefit from and if you are eligible for this support you should definitely make use of it.The US government provides Developmental Disabilities Basic Support and Advocacy Grants.Grants are sums of money that you are given when you can demonstrate that you have sufficient need for the assistance.In addition these grants are not the same as loans in that you will never have to repay the cash assistance that you receive.

This group provides: These resources have been invaluable in helping many single parents meet the challenges of raising a child with disabilities easily.There are single moms interested in creating groups in the following areas, however, so if you live here you may want to express your interest and get a group started: However there are also plenty of other groups to choose from.Another source of support for single parents with disabled children comes in the form of EParent.There are also a number of structures in place not aimed at single parents specifically, but, from which single parents with a child that has a disability of some kind, can benefit.It is certainly challenging to raise a child with a disability on your own, but it is also very rewarding. Friends and family will also be more than willing to help you with your child and with the other needs that will arise. You may not be aware that the government is there partially to provide support for single parents with disabled children.

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