Shyness in dating

Tackling your shyness head-on will put you way ahead of the curve with your competition.

Very few shy guys actively work on this side of their character. For a start, if you’re too shy to approach a girl, you’re putting the conversation on a pedestal.

You’ve got no end game when you’re relaxing with your friends, but if all you’re thinking about is getting laid when you’re talking to a girl, that’s going to raise the stakes of the conversation in your head.

Simultaneously, you could also have a negative narrative in your mind when you approach. Tipping a glass in a girl’s direction at a bar is yet another.

When you know in your heart you’re doing enough for yourself, shyness is likely to be less of a problem.

If you’re asking yourself how to stop being shy, you might instead try building a version of yourself that isn’t. You also need to embrace the butterflies in your stomach. Even the most experienced pick-up artists feel nerves or excitement when they’re talking to a girl they’re interested in – it’s a biological reaction.

How do you overcome your shyness to get to the place where you feel comfortable together?

Set yourself little targets every day and work hard to smash them.

Whether it’s grafting for commission at work, building something, or going the extra mile at the gym, every little boost of happiness you get will translate more and more into good vibes and positive conversations with people.

You don’t even have to be very good at what you’re trying.

It’s the process of building yourself up one small, achievable goal at a time that gives you self-belief.

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