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I used to go to the Central Hotel on the A2 in Gillingham.

Let us face facts, however: the Brook and the High Street were filled also with slums and brothels. Chatham in the 1860s to 1880s was a riotous and unlawful place that was policed only sporadically.

Soldiers, sailors, whores, drink and crime: a lethal cocktail throughout time.

Eventually Chatham’s bad reputation led to the introduction of the Contagious Disease Acts, which amounted to government supervision of prostitution in garrison towns.

We are talking about low dives, iniquitous inns, tawdry taverns and pubs that your mother warned you about.

Before readers suggest I am being insulting and unfair, please note: the Brook in Chatham — around which the Medway towns’ vice trade centred — was in many ways a fine place to grow up.

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