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"Currently, we have no additional comment we want to add in regards to this.

It has still yet to be decided whether or not his contract will be terminated.

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Seungri will be investigated for this, alongside the allegations of prostitution.

Therefore, he has been banned from leaving the country.

Where we last left off, Big Bang's Seungri was booked for allegedly violating anti-prostitution laws in South Korea.

The man who was in the video was also in the group chat and was unfazed by the images. According to South Korean laws regarding sexual violence crimes, filming or sharing hidden camera footage is subject to five years or less in prison or 30 million won in fines.

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A representative said the following: "We have belatedly confirmed that Seungri has released a message to the public about retirement.

It was something that he uploaded himself without consulting YG Entertainment first," they commented.

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