Sedating the ventilated patient

Providers will often put on the milky potion of diprivan and forget that it has no analgesic properties.

Similarly, if the patient becomes hypotensive, the Fentanyl drip will be reduced, instead of maintaining a comfortable patient and starting vasopressors to main hemodynamics.

In the end, analgesia is the first line and sometimes it can be everything.Some departments may have restrictions on certain opiate drips, such as Fentanyl. Fentanyl has the unique advantage of creating more than analgesia – it can create hypnosis for certain patients.Fentanyl, as a synthetic opioid, also has the benefit of having no histaminergic reactions, nor does it have active metabolites2.But your nursing manager then informs you that the hospital is full, including the ICU.So now your severely septic patient will be boarding in the ED.

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