Ryan phillippe dating demi lovato

Shortly after making her relationship Insta official, the teenager’s followers were quick to point out that her beau looks just like her 44-year-old dad.“He looks so much like your dad omg,” one person wrote. Demi Lovato credits her success to Barney the dinosaur. Is Ryan Phillippe robbing the cradle of an actress half his age? Elin Nordegren's new boyfriend: super sleazy, or super-duper sleazy? Lady Gaga's "retarded" gaffe was "furiously unintentional." Jerry Seinfeld gets in a pissing match with Donald Trump. It's possible they were all perpetrated by the same individual(s). It looks like Lohan might not face criminal charges for her rehab assault kerfuffle. Everyone: Demi Lovato doesn't have a sex tape! Why did Ed Westwick hide from the paparazzi in a tree? For the price of 15 minutes with a high-end hooker, you can now meet Charlie Sheen. It seems every other week brings news of some, usually female, celebrity's Twitter or Facebook page being taken over by hackers. Phillippe, 36, who is divorced and the father of three children (one being a 2-week-old daughter with his ex Alexis Knapp) allegedly had a hot and heavy rendevouz with Lovato.The entertainment site says a source close to Lovato learned that the former Disney starlet and Phillippe began seeing each other casually.

As I noted when he started dating Amanda Seyfried, he mines from the young 20s set. She didn’t know that he had a paternity situation happening with Alexis Knapp and that took her by surprise.

[Beastie Boys] ● Already incarcerated on gun charges, Ja Rule might be seeing two more years for tax evasion.

“I didn’t know how to deal with these finances, and I didn’t have people to guide me, so I made mistakes,” he said in regards to several years worth of unfiled taxes.

George Clooney's rumored rebound fling could fling him across the room. Scarlett Johansson supposedly had a nude picture stolen from her i Phone and Vanessa Hudgens Charlie Sheen cut a porn star ,000 after she partied with him. Demi Lovato returns from rehab, and Chris Brown wants to go to awards shows with Rhianna. The most saccharine couple ever to grace a celebrity glossy breaks up. Wednesday gossip is a Taylor Swift break-up ballad.

Lauren Bush wants to take fiance David Lauren's last name. Hayden Panettiere invites us to imagine what she looks like during sex. According to TMZ, 50 celebrities have been targeted by a "hacking ring," which has broken into their computers and cell phones and stolen embarrassing pictures and videos. Lindsay's spirit sister Demi Lovato has reached similar peace in her life.

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