Ryan lochte dating australian swimmer

I wouldn’t call that dating, but who know what happens in the days to follow.

want to know a bit about Lochte’s rumored girlfriend Blair Evans???

A police report and a surveillance footage later dispelled their claims and put them in danger of an 18-month prison sentence according to Brazilian law.

The swimmer ended up serving a 10-month ban from swimming as punishment. Ryan’s father, Steven Lochte, is of German, Dutch, and English heritage.

Blair began her training at W/A Institute Of Sport in Perth, she is part of City Of Perth Club, trains at Beatty Park under coach Matthew Magee.

She joined the Australian National team four years ago.

It was at the 2009 National Championships that Blair Evans won her first Australian title in the 800m, the following year she won the gold at the Delhi Commonwealth Games (4x200m freestyle), she then won the silver at the Pan Pacs in Cali and two bronze medals.

He shared a picture in May of Reid meeting his mother Ileana.His accolades are not confined to the Olympics, however.Throughout his career and spanning every competition he has ever participated in, Ryan has garnered 90 medals; 54 gold, 22 silver, and 14 bronze. For his efforts with the American team, Lochte holds the world record for 4×200-meter freestyle (long course), and 4×100-meter freestyle (mixed) relay.The Olympian also swam in the Southeastern Conference competition for four years, from 2004 to 2007.One of the most notable memories from that period of his career was when he broke the nearly decade-old NCAA record set by Tom Dolan in the 400-yard individual medley. This edition of the Olympic games saw Ryan Lochte bag one team gold and individual gold and one team bronze and individual bronze.

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He was born in Rochester, New York and raised in Bristol where he went to Bloomfield Central Schools.

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