Rubygems not updating

You can view this documentation in two different ways.The first one is to run the command: This automatically launches a Ruby-based Web server on port 8808.” If you have done any Perl programming or used Perl software, you likely have downloaded something from CPAN to make the software work.As it is the de facto standard for sharing libraries in Perl, access to CPAN makes it easier to re-use code developed by others.It is the main clearinghouse for Ruby open-source software.One of the most popular Ruby Forge projects is Ruby on Rails.It gets even more complicated when you are trying to solve a problem for a variety of platforms and operating systems (Ruby runs on a *nix/*BSD/Mac OS X/Win X).

As it turns out, package management is not as simple as it sounds.

If you do not have compile tools installed, the installation will fail.

Ruby Gems features a number of useful features, including: Now that you have some software installed, you will want to use it.

The Rails gem (and the gems it depends on) can be installed with the following command: This gem includes non-Ruby code.

When you install it, it will compile the C code as part of the installation process.

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