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Click here to view or download this edition of Simple Solutions That Work as a PDF. To subscribe to Simple Solutions That Work, click here: sign-up RETURN TO TOP.The Acetarc Safe-pour (zero harm) bottom pouring system allows the operator full freedom of movement enabling the operator be located in a safe position when using bottom pour ladles.The unit has radio remote control and is battery powered so the ladle does not require connection to a power cable.The system is designed to be fail safe so that the slide bar will automatically lower, stopping the pour, if either the radio signal or power is interrupted. Running a jobbing foundry is tough no matter how you look at it.

Additionally, there are encoders located on the mechanical drive and drum that monitor speed.

With many pieces of foundry equipment and the abuse that they are required to endure, we often find that the mechanical aspects of the machine were designed so heavy duty that they are still in good working order, but that the controls have long since fallen from the technological cutting edge.

With proper planning and research, it is possible to take an existing piece of equipment and upgrade the controls to allow it to meet the newly established production requirements.

How To Issue Volume 10, April 2019 Our April 2019 edition is filled with the tricks of the trade that matter – the ones that keep your shop running instead of running behind.

Whether you are upgrading your equipment, or training, there are new methods that will show you how to do this faster and better.

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