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is an important discovery because it combines a relatively primitive sphenodontian-type tooth row with the presence of massive tusk-like teeth that were possibly not for feeding, but rather used for mate competition or defense.If correct, this means that non-feeding dental specializations predated changes in the sphenodontian dentition related to feeding strategies.

We cover breaking stories from the mainstream and scientific media, user-submitted photos and videos, and feature articles and photos by Jeff Barringer, Richard Bartlett, and other herpetologists and herpetoculturists.RELATED: BONE WARS: THE MARSH-COPE FEUD AND ITS DINOSAUR DISCOVERIES belongs to the Sphenodontia, which is a group of lepidosaurs that includes snakes, lizards, and amphisbaenians that were common during the Age of the Dinosaurs.Based on the fossils researchers said the species has a mix of primitive and derived teeth.In a report published this week in a new reptile species discovered in Brazil. They were collected from Triassic rocks which are between 237 million and 228 million years old.Its the oldest fossil found in Gondwana, which was the southern supercontinent that became Africa, Antartica, Australia, India, and South America.

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