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Try something like: "I noticed a post from Jennifer on your wall, but I don't remember you mentioning her. " Be direct, and you won't come across like you're firing off accusations.

(Paid Tinder users are similarly able to undo their last left swipe.) The second feature allows users to pause their Facebook Dating profile if, say, they want to take a break from the service, or are in an exclusive relationship and no longer looking to meet other people."Chances are, it's not a big deal to him to add her to his many friends from the past." 4. Too many couples overshare their spats on Facebook, says Spira, "and your friends don't want to see the drama in your marriage." Remember, posting about how your hubby annoyed you is like putting it on a neighborhood billboard.Even when your intentions are innocent, posting about your partner can hurt feelings, as *Barbara of St. Her husband dropped off their son late to a birthday party.But—and here's the important part—only if your partner is okay with it.If you know your spouse would be upset to see an old flame on your friends list, ignoring or rejecting a friend request is the right move.

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"While you might share a toothbrush, a little privacy and mystery is good for a marriage." So even if you know each other's logins, you should feel like you never have to use it. His simple advice: "Defriend, disassociate, disengage." That's because the protection of the Internet allows for more forward conversation, points out Karen Sherman, Ph D, relationship specialist and author of .

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  1. : o Silence o Lack of protest o Lack of resistance o Assumed to exist based on a past or current sexual, dating or marital relationship In NM, we are actively working to make active consent a positive, valued community and social norm.