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It's the only thing stored on my Wii U besides KB large save files so I figure I'll transfer it to my 1TB drive but..."You cannot select software that is being updated or downloaded" appears.

Makes sense, but I paused and deleted the new update from Download Management and I still can't touch the old update file for whatever reason.

Elsewhere, the update adds the ability to share screenshots to social networks, adds support for USB keyboards and adds the ability to automatically receive recommended software and demos from Nintendo using Spot Pass.

The list of changes in full is on Nintendo's website.

And like you, I initially couldn't transfer the Smash data because it was "being updated or downloaded." I did almost exactly what you did, and — though it was a slow, annoying process — it ended up working.

Just to clarify, in the tiny off-chance that it might help you, here are exactly the steps I took: -Paused downloads in the Download menu -Deleted any visible Smash-related downloads in the Download menu -Resumed downloads in the Download menu -Shut down and restarted the Wii U -Transferred the Smash data to my external HD -Returned to the e Shop and selected "Redownload" for the new Smash DLC, waited for that download to complete -Launched Smash from the disc, which prompted the new (now-successful) update installation I sounds like you're doing just that, but maybe there's something in there that'll get you up and running. Welp, I didn't think deleting some already-downloaded 80kb DLC files unrelated to the update itself would solve the problem, but clearing the list seemed to do it. I think it was triggered by Download Management, since it retains freshly downloaded items until you launch the corresponding game/app and doesn't offer a way to clear the list before doing so. I know I'd be pretty frustrated if I suddenly lost access to Smash Bros. There's actually quite a bit I like about the OS, but yeah, Download Management should really have a simple "clear queue" option.

You'll just have to wait for the hackers to figure it out.

This two-part video tutorial from Oz Mod Chips show a detailed instructional on how to install a solderless mod chip in a Nintendo Wii.

It's a welcome feature, but, you still need to use the Wiimote to control the game.

Nintendo is rolling out a new Wii U system update that adds Wii remote play - but there's a catch.

Update 4.0.0 adds the ability to output video and sound to the Wii U Game Pad when using Wii Mode.

This video will show you how to hack a Wii from any region and with any firmware version between 3.2 and 4.2 using these files for versions 4.1 and below and these for version 4.2.

If you've already upgraded to 4.3 that's too bad, because as yet 4.3 is hackproof.

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Solderless Wii modchips are popular for the Wii gaming console.

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