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Senior Friend Finder - Senior Friend is one of the largest seniors personals sites that caters to people over forty.

Perfect - Whether you are simply ready to move beyond online dating mismatches, recently divorced or a senior single looking for a partner, Perfect can help you find love for all the right reasons.

Friend Finder - This leading online dating service has millions of active members and caters to all kinds of people, interests, and desires.

Check out Friend for fun dates, cool pen pals, serious relationships or meeting new friends.

A: I think nothing does so more than meeting in person. We will soon be announcing a campaign in which we will be paying for the honeymoon of the first couple that meets on Loko and ends up getting married. A: It's Hawaiian, and it means "character" and "disposition." We're about personality more than anything else, so it really fits.

But video is as close to meeting in person as it gets.

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Just be sure to check that their status is single and they are there for finding dates.

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