Pennsylvania state regulations on dating a patient

The register also provides information on the date of discharge and the reason (death, restored, improved, not improved); the cause of death; the duration of stay in the hospital; and the names of any relatives who were also diagnosed as insane.

Information given about each patient includes name, age, color, gender, place of birth, marital status, place of residence and previous register number; dates of current and previous admission, discharge and/or death; how committed; reason for discharge; form of mental disorder; duration and number of attacks; age at first attack; condition at time of discharge; and any remarks.

Each patient entry shows a register number, name, sex, color, age, place of birth, residence, occupation, and marital status.

Information on the patient’s condition includes the name of the person by whom committed (court order, friend, or family member) and who will pay for keep, cause and form of insanity, names of insane relatives, number of attacks and admissions, and the duration of attacks before admission.

Occasional notations reveal status as veterans or if moved elsewhere for burial.

Dixmont State Hospital Dixmont State Hospital was originally founded in 1848 in Pittsburgh as the Western Pennsylvania Hospital.

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