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My experience hasn't amounted to anything more than just a few dates and a feeling of "hey you seem pretty interesting, I'd like to get to know you more" though.I think we're on the same page about relationships taking time and that it's usually better to start with friendship.I love working remotely but find it semi frustrating to not have social circles to grow into like traditional in office jobs.Every single couple I know nowadays have met online (myself included).I recently was convinced to give tinder/bumble/etc.a try and I've had some luck on those apps in the sense that I've met interesting women who are also looking for a relationship and have shared interests and good personalities as me.

In particular, I work remotely for a company in New York, so I don't even have my work as a way of building a social circle.

Where are the guys just with a kind-heart and is a good person hiding!?!?

I know I am silly but I am still naive to think that one day my prince charming will appear at a supermarket and it will be love at first sight but everyone is either on their phone... or they just don't look interested (not towards me but just in general).

And the truth is, confidence is always sexy, so best to find activities and hobbies you enjoy first - then keep an eye out for someone with common interests. Nearly half of my friends have found their spouses/partners via POF.

In my experience, when you stop looking for someone, you find them pretty quickly. It's free and if you can sift through the trash, some good success can be found.

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Are there other singles out there who feel the same way?

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