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Then, and only then, only when the pleasures of the finger gliding itself within her, the thumb brushing back and forth against her clit, with one leg flexed on the couch and the other resting on the floor, did Alexa allow herself to get lost in the fantasy, for it'd finally turned realistic."Hmmmm, daddy," she groaned as she began to finger-fucking herself, imagining her slender fingers to be that of her dad's, and her dorm room to be the couch back home.The couple loved each other, and jealousy was never an issue.In fact, both Jill and Marc believed that explorations within a relationship prevented them from straying, and with gusto explored kinky roles that they'd never tell anyone outside of the bedroom."Oh, fuck," she whispered heavily as she pushed her hips back up to meet the finger she imagined to be her dad's, and simulating his action, pushed her finger back down as the orgasm hit her.Images of her on the couch, body twisting, nipples on her A-cup breasts erected, throat and chest flushed, all hit her at once as she let out a deep groan.

All Alexa cared at the moment was reaching her orgasm as her hips bucked.

His eyes moved up toward her butt, covered by the tiny black shorts and pushing out, firm and almost able to fit in the palm of his large hands, he imagined as he reminded himself to make a note to tell Jill later that night in their lovemaking session.

Back at that volleyball game, Marc imagined bending the young girl over and gliding his cock between her moist pussy lips, squeezing her cheeks as he rubbed his cockhead against her clit from behind.

It no longer mattered that 18-year-old Alexa was sliding her hand down her stomach, making circles with the tips of her fingers as she approached her thighs, entirely skipping over her smoldering crotch to tease herself, letting the build-up and feeling last as they long as they might. That's what drove her, and for two hours, the anticipation had built up.

With her fingers at her inner-thighs, the University of San Diego freshman teased herself, inch by inch dragging her fingers closer back up toward her crotch. Out of nowhere, it'd sprung up like a spring flower, taking her by surprise, and though it was uncomfortable at first, she'd somehow embraced it, and now, was determined to release the tension and desire that'd built within.

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"Oh, daddy, daddy, daddy," she rapidly croaked her finger brought her through the orgasm.

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