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His character, Jo Tae Oh, is an entitled heir rampaging through life with no compunctions.

Unlike Jong Soo, his position allows his rage to explode without consequences.

Bundle the video game-glow of Tokyo, food scene of Singapore and English-speaking streets of Hong Kong, stretch it out over a sprawl of skyscrapers and village-style neighborhoods and cram in more than a fair share of fantastic shopping, and you get Seoul.

but what really burns white hot is Jong Soo’s  frustration and jealousy, hidden deftly beneath a seemingly passive exterior.

Yoo lets viewers see Jong Soo as awkward, adrift, powerless, with only whispered hints of the resentment and fury that eventually emboldens him., one of the highest-grossing films in Korean cinema history, gave Yoo his first chance to play a hard-core villain.

But you should dedicate a day to exploring its palaces and temples, many of which are in the middle of town, accessible by subway, and within walking distance of each other.

A slower-paced Seoul greets you at Anguk subway station near Changdeokgung Palace, surrounded by low-slung, traditional wooden homes. Follow the signs north to the palace, which was built in 1405 and is one of the most important pieces of architecture preserved from Korea’s Josean dynasty.

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