Novell roaming prifile not updating

In environments where the large files are not mission-critical and do not absolutely need to be backed up to a server on a per-login basis, the applications requiring such excessively large amounts of user data are instead usually run on a stand-alone local account that does not roam, to bypass these network storage and retrieval problems.Example of third-party software (Sun Microsystems Java) storing temporary files and software updates in the roaming profile.If nightly server backups are done, and a roaming user does not log off for days at a time, their roaming account documents are not being included in the nightly backup.

Local caching is more suitable where people tend to use the same computer every day.

The bloated roaming profile increases login and logout times.

The stored updates shown are unnecessary after installation, yet they are not deleted.

If the domain login is successful, the roaming profile is copied from the central file server to the desktop computer, and a local account is created for the user.

When the user logs off from the desktop computer, the user's roaming profile is merged from the local computer back to the central file server, not including the temporary local profile items.

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