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The president was incensed by a Washington Post story on Monday's front page and rage-tweeted about it.The White House had provided the reporters with a list of more than two dozen summertime accomplishments and Trump was furious after they mentioned only a few and called some of his statements 'racist.' They wrote of July and August as 'a fresh and vivid portrait of the president as seen by Trump's critics - incompetent, indecisive, intolerant and ineffective.' An administration official said: 'It's an editorial, not a news story. One of the oldest authoritarian tactics in the book.' Donald Trump launched an early Monday morning attack on 'Squad' - the four liberal Congress freshman who have been outspokenly critical of the president - saying they're responsible for the racist attacks breaking out in the U. He lashed out after reading a Washington Post story entitled 'Trump's lost summer' that said his inflammatory speech triggered racist attacks in the US.Hurricane Dorian has brought 'extreme destruction' to the Bahamas with gusts of 225mph and up to 30 inches of rainfall.Resurfaced videos show Palm Beach Police officers combing the now-infamous .4million property where Epstein and his high-profile associates allegedly sexually abused many underage girls.In a clip posted on Twitter, Gracie, 52, says Macron is a 'clown' who is 'talking rubbish' before making threats of violence.

The victims of the shootings that have been named so far are (clockwise from left) Kameron Brown; Edwin Peregrino, 25; Mary Granados, 29; Leila Hernandez, 15; Rodolfo (Rudy) Arco, 57 and Joseph Griffith, 40.Emergency crews received a call just before 3.30am local time on Monday, and rescue efforts involving multiple agencies and personal watercraft were still underway as of 7.30am PST.The US Coast Guard has been unable to board the boat and search for survivors because it keeps reigniting, Senior Chief Aaron Bemis said.The outburst came a week after Macron condemned Gracie's boss Bolsonaro for 'extraordinarily disrespectful comments' about his wife Brigitte (inset).Olympic gymnast Simone Biles, 22, shared a picture of her with friends (left) on Instagram along with the caption 'girls day to drink happy thoughts,' (top inset) three days after her brother Tevin M. Biles has not directly addressed her brother's arrest (together right and his mugshot inset).

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Experts have also warned of a possible storm surge that could send destructive waves crashing into the coast. The victim, a visitor from Oak Hills, died on Sunday off North Carolina after he was brought to shore by a bystander who spotted the man and attempted a rescue at tje Cape Hatteras National Seashore.

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  1. I myself have been called sexual slurs or “disgusting” for my current and past interracial relationships by Sunday school companions (the same friends who will cry over poor black children in Africa but not shed a tear for the poor black children downtown), and a white friend of mine was once slapped across the face while on the phone with her black boyfriend by her best friend (the daughter of a minister) to force the phone call to end “because (my friend) should have ‘known better’ than to keep speaking to ‘that black guy.’” These “biblical” condemnations of interracial marriage are simply false and not, well, biblical.