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My Spanish is not very good so I am looking for new friends to help me practice. Keep it simple and clear using short sentences punctuated correctly using basic descriptive vocabulary.Don’t get fancy or you will get lost in translation.By building different characters (don’t forget the costume, props, and corresponding photographs! However, the site is very good at catching people doing this so here is how you game their system.) you can attract and bang very different kinds of women. To have two characters you must follow the above process by having two separate email accounts, one for each LAC account.I do this to help me remember specific details about a chick without having to revisit her profile.Every time you visit a girls profile on LAC she can see that you have and if you do it too much it comes across as blue pill, needy, and/or stalkerish.

So state an age you can actually pull off in the full light of day.

For example, two years ago in a pueblo near Jinotepe I rented a three bedroom house (very “rustic”) for almost nothing. True, I had a local connect but I created that connect outta’ thin air. As an older dude myself (45) without much cash or Spanish language ability (but I do have a fairly decent look and vibe that has me coming across as thirty-something), I rely heavily on google translator to pipeline Nicaraguan girls on Latin American Cupid (LAC) beginning two months before my arrival in Managua. The first thing you need to get started on LAC is a brand new email account. Use sunglasses, shadow, and artistic blurring techniques to conceal your identity.

Only use this account for managing your LAC connections and nothing else. Make the photos mysterious and semi-artsy but not creepy or too beta.

For example, I’m a liberal who’s diggin’ on the house nigger Obama but if a conservative chick finds this out she is less likely to bang me so what I like do is bust out my conservative character if I’m in the mood to grudge fuck a republican. Obviously, you will need to use a different set of photos too, but even more important is that you must launch and manage your two different LAC accounts from two different computers. I work a lot so I am looking mostly for friends right now.

You must also pay for the two accounts using two separate pre-paid credit cards (do not use the same card or a card with your real name on it). People who can show me all the best restaurants and clubs in Managua and teach me about Nicaraguan history and culture.

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The first thing an actor does when preparing for a role is to build a character.

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