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However the i Pad was also not loading up for a few days but is sorted out now after deleting the account and reinstating it and after doing "reset Network" in the Settings. I am having the same frustrating delays with two i OS devices running 11.2.2 when attempting to get mail from Google servers.

It is not very user friendly and lacks features - Single landing page for all accounts, calendar sync- just to name a couple of obvious ones.Also Safari always gets stuck when I want download a new web page, the blue progress line gets stuck about a quarter away across the screen and just gets stuck and then eventually downloads.This is my 4th i Phone (starting from the 4) and by far the worst performing one apart from an appalling battery on my 5. Big Rippeth wrote: I have an i Phone 7 Plus running i OS 11.2.2 and Yahoo Mail on the Apple app never wants to update, sometimes it says it’s downloading however many emails but the clock just whirs round and no emails download.It’s supposed to be simple to be able to retrieve your mails from one place/app without have to download any other particular apps. But I bought an i Phone X (10) and a i Pad last weekand the i Pad is loading up the emails on yahoo , my Mac is loading up the emails, but the phone is not.So maybe then the yahoo does not work only with the phone?

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