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Happn’s creators are understandably more forthright than their larger rivals about the role cities will play in its eventual success.“We’re a big city app,” says spokeswoman Marie Cosnard.Today, 38 million messages are exchanged daily through the app, many in countries where homosexuality is a capital crime.Many observers doubted whether Grindr’s meat market would translate to straight dating until Tinder’s arrival.and Grand Street two blocks away, at the intersection of two long strips of restaurants and bars.

Instead of using Grindr (or his preferred alternative, Scruff) to meet men from the comfort of his couch, he keeps tabs on his friends who are already out to decide when and where to join them. that night in August, Ferzoco had held his phone before him like a compass, checking to see whether we were getting closer to his friends or moving farther away.Describing a bus ride in Manhattan last summer in which she looked up from Tinder long enough to fruitlessly make eyes at another rider too engrossed in the app himself, she says, “it was just so depressing to think that a few years ago, there would at least be a chance that you could look around and make eye contact with someone.But now we were both obsessed with looking for guys or girls on the app that we didn’t notice who was around us.” For that reason, Cosnard says, Happn declines to display profiles in real time.leaving Grindr open throughout the day so as to collect inquiries and potential matches as users move through the city — which happens to be the strategy at the heart of Happn.Finally, they argue proximity itself has become a factor in desire, with some users declaring on their profiles that anyone farther than a kilometer away is too far, while one interview subject admits to one-night stands based purely on availability.

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Based on sheer numbers and intensity, they must be.

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