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“I’m going to say this to those aspiring to be great, or whatever they do: I sacrificed my social life tremendously because of it,” explains Mike Rashid. “I was giving work so much, giving [my clients] so much – every time somebody came in I was giving them 100%; I had nothing to give, like, a girl I was dating. “I don’t know how to be social anymore, like, to have a good time. He started business through doing his own research, trying different things and building his most important asset: his audience.While physicality is important, making a difference to people is bigger than any muscle can be when it comes to engaging with people in his community or any commercial approach. I have responsibilities; I have people that I take care of – I have children, I have parents. This dealer ended up getting murdered, and as Mike’s mother recovered from the grief, Mike went to live with his grandparents.When it came to business, Mike Rashid started out as a personal trainer for a corporate gym, learning the industry for a year before going independent.His businesses such as IMSOALPHA and Ambrosia Nutraceuticals offer a new take on nutrition for exercise, fitness, weight loss, biohacking your body, and more. Mike had a stable upbringing around his school years and was at the top of his class.

He started working in the gym at an early age because of his father.Mike Rashid has done it all, from guiding clients as a personal trainer, or power bodybuilding with incredible motivation, to teaming up with CT Fletcher as part of the Iron Addicts legacy, entering the ring in professional boxing and more.Today, through You Tube videos featuring workout tips and what he gets up to day-to-day, Mike’s channel attracts millions of views in addition to his other social media platforms.The only thing he told to his fans is that he learned bodybuilding from his father.His father was the person who made him work out harder and just at the age of 12; he fought his first boxing match.

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